Five things to consider before your next clothes shopping

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  • March 18 2020
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Over the years, I have learnt a couple of tricks on how to manage my wardrobe- with a particular focus on being intentional about managing my wardrobe. Now, I have learnt to shop on purpose and with focus. (Too serious? Lol)

So, here are a couple of things I, myself have learnt and which you should consider before your next shopping spree-

1. Wardrobe audit


This seems pretty straightforward, right?

Still, I can not begin to recount how many times I have gone through my wardrobe or old photos and realised I had clothing items that I had not worn for 6 months, sometimes a year or more. The downside is that I might have purchased something similar or simply a duplicate(either in colour or style) of a clothing item I already had. A wardrobe audit helps prevent this. 

Another advantage of doing a wardrobe audit is that it helps identify the state of your clothes. Some shirts or trousers may have started giving way or fading, which simply means that it’s time to replace them. You should also make sure you try the clothes on as well. This might seem like a rigorous task but it helps you identify those items that truly do not fit anymore and can be done away with.

Buying new clothes should not mean that you need to buy a thousand and one new accessories to go with them. 

First of all, picture your current wardrobe: What would you wear each clothing item with? Think about shoes, accessories, and any pieces you might need to complete the look. 

If you can imagine multiple ways to wear the item with the accessories you currently own, sweet! it will be a worthwhile addition. To have a more focused wardrobe,, you should take this one step further and ensure it matches the majority of the other pieces of accessory you have so you can mix-and-match to your heart's delight.

Usually, I encourage doing this audit bi-annually. From this, draw up a list of items you need to replace in your wardrobe per time.

2. Understand your style


Understanding your body type is really crucial. While a skinny or medium tie may look great on a skinny young man, it may not be fashionable for an older man who is chubby. 

The same principle applies to colour palettes for different skin tones. Identify what colours work for you and stick with it. It's perfectly okay to experiment sometimes, but do allow yourself to gradually get comfortable with new styles.

I have come to learn that confidence is the greatest accessory you can have in fashion and as such, you must feel comfortable with your own style. 

Still, a lot of people are troubled by having to keep up with trends. At some point, it was bandanas; then it was colour blocking: next was bootcut, and well, the list is endless…

Unfortunately, these trends tend not to last for more than two or three years. Soon, they go out of fashion and the next fad begins. 

To solve this issue, one question to ask before your next shopping is - Will this investment withstand the test of time? Will I be excited when I pull out these clothes from storage next year? If not, skip it. It's just not worth it.

3. Understand your lifestyle

The place of individual lifestyle cannot be overemphasised when it comes to picking a fashion piece. Due to the varying types of jobs and their demands, some allow us to be a bit laid back and some demand a corporate look. Some jobs allow us plenty of time for socialising and others do not. 

While some may have opportunities to attend more events, others are office or factory-based. Some require a uniform and others don’t. Some have an active lifestyle and others do not. These demands and conditions should inform what clothes you have in your wardrobe and in what quantity.

4. Master the art of ‘window shopping’ first

Many times I have bought a fashion piece online, only to surf the internet the next day and find the same fashion piece by another supplier (same quality) at a discounted or cheaper price (*hot tears*). 

In line with the first tip, when you have your list, allow enough time to check different brands and compare prices.  In this digital era, surfing various stores has been made easy. You can have multiple tabs open, compare the products descriptions to make sure you are choosing the right quality and getting the right amount of fashion value for your money.

5. Make sure you are comfortable with the clothing item.

This one is easy: Don't buy something you don't feel great wearing. Seriously, DON’T! We all have those pity items in our closet that were cute or on sale but are tight in the wrong places, make us sweat, or are totally inappropriate for just about any occasion. 

Save a garment this poor fate by not purchasing it in the first place.

I remember my shopaholic days when I would acquire quite a large number of clothes just because they were affordable or on sales. I justified them by telling myself that somehow, at one point or another (which most likely never came), they would serve me. I would shop out of boredom or simply to fulfil a need for something new, but never for the love of the garment. One way to test whether you're doing the same is to just walk away (or close the browser tab). 

Yes, you heard me. If you can't stop thinking about that piece a day or two later, you can then feel confident it's the one.

Now, those are 5 things to have in mind on your next shopping spree - Have a wardrobe audit, understand your personal style and lifestyle needs, master the art of window shopping and buy only what you feel comfortable in.

I’d love to hear from you, so drop your comments and share tips on how you manage your wardrobe!


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