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  • 28th February 2020
  • Efetive Eguko

Does it Matter How I Dress?

An important question. At one point or the other in our lives, we have been admonished with the ‘how you dress is how you are addressed’ chant. We may have various reservations or arguments about this as we all know that a man’s true nature is not seen in his clothes or shoes. Or so we think...

  • 18th March 2020
  • Efetive Eguko

Five things to consider before your next clothes shopping

In the years gone by, it was typical to go on shopping sprees and fill our closets with clothing items we would never get to wear.  Breaking News! Those days are gone! 

However, a vital lesson I learnt from that habit was to be intentional about what clothes I have in my closet, and that it is not always the volume that counts but the quality of clothing items in the wardrobe. 

A large number of people (my old self included) fall into the habit of buying on impulse. In effect, we end up buying clothes we do not need or accessories we already have. 

A quick tip: You should wear only items you truly love and feel comfortable in. 

I am now a firm believer that buying fewer and better items is the way to go, plus doing this is oh-so-easy. Keep reading, I'll show you how.